Live Greek Music
Friday - Saturday - Sunday - Monday

Experience the sounds of Greece with our Live Greek Music at the Taverna outside. Enjoy traditional Greek Music played by an authentic Greek band, and if you are really brave you can dance along!

Traditional Greek Folk Dancers
12pm - 2pm - 4pm - 6pm and 7pm Sunday

Throughout the event; ethnic music will entertain the crowd, even to the point of dancing. In the Hellenic Center (parish hall), the Kyklos-Hellenic Dance Group will preform traditional Greek folk dances in colorful, authentic costumes. The exciting dance and music troupes strive to preserve, perpetuate and share the dances and music as they were preformed in the villages of Greece many years ago.

Church Tours
1pm - 3pm - 5pm - 7pm

We invite you to view the "Newest Art Treasure of St. Louis County." Greek Iconographers in Athens spent over six years hand painting the ceiling murals and side walls with Byzantine-style rendering in the traditional style.

Hellenic Travelogue
Every Hour on the Hour

Over the last 4000 years, Greek culture has evolved from an ancient civilization to a modern 21st- century state. Every hour on the hour watch a movie about our wonderful Greece.

Shop our traditional Greek market, where you can find authentic Greek items. Check out the Agora for Jewelry - Groceries - T-shirts - Hats and much, much more!